Andrew McCabe blisters Rod Rosenstein as 'willing accessory' to Trump's efforts to 'rewrite history' of Russia probe
Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe. [Photo: screenshot]

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe strongly denied that he misled Rod Rosenstein, the former deputy director of the Department of Justice.

Rosenstein told the Senate Judiciary Committee that McCabe had not been forthcoming about memos that former FBI director James Comey had compiled regarding his conversations with President Donald Trump.

"Mr. McCabe was not fully candid with me, certainly wasn’t forthcoming,” Rosenstein told senators. “In particular, senator, with regard to Comey’s memorandum of his interviews with the president and with regard to the FBI’s suspicions about the president.”

McCabe pushed back hard a short time later.

"Mr. Rosenstein’s claims to have been misled by me, or anyone from the FBI, regarding our concerns about President Trump and the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russia are completely false," McCabe tweeted.

He said Rosenstein approved of the FBI investigation into Trump's ties to Russia and possible efforts to obstruct justice, and McCabe said he personally briefed Rosenstein on Comey's memos shortly after Rosenstein wrote the memo recommending Comey's firing.

“Mr. Rosenstein’s testimony is completely at odds with the factual record," McCabe tweeted. "It looks to be yet another sad attempt by the President and his men to rewrite the history of their actions in 2017. They have found in Mr. Rosenstein – then and now – a willing accessory in that effort."