Angry customers try to insult Kentucky server with 'Black Lives Matter' note -- but no tip
Alex Williams (WKRC)

A Black restaurant server in northern Kentucky received no tip from a family, but instead only a handwritten message that "black lives matter."

Alex Williams waits tables at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Newport, and he said a family he served June 8 left the note on their receipt but no money for a tip, reported WKRC-TV.

“For some people, you can just tell you're not going to be able to make them happy, necessarily," Williams said, "and it just was progressively worse and worse."

Williams said a woman at the table became frustrated because he couldn't keep up with her drink refills, and she yelled at him across the sports bar and restaurant, so the veteran server asked a manager to intervene.

“Not to toot my own horn, but anyone that knows me -- I work hard," he said. "I try to do my job the best I can. I tried to give everybody the same quality service. A lot of times, you just can't win. You can't please everyone."

Williams said he understood the lack of tip, but he said the message -- which came in the midst of nationwide demonstrations against police brutality -- came across as an insult

“It made her feel better to seemingly put me down," he said. "Unfortunately, it didn't work. Fortunately for me, I didn't let it bother me."

After he shared a photo of the receipt on social media, some of his friends and followers donated money to his Venmo account -- which he's giving to charity.

Williams said he wasn’t worried about the lack of a tip, but his social media followers were. A couple hundred dollars have been donated to his Venmo account.

“I didn't want to play the victim," he said. "I don't want any financial gain. I like the personal support, the emotional the physical support."