Ben Carson cornered on CNN over Trump's re-tweet of attack on George Floyd

During his interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson found himself being confronted with tweets made by Donald Trump attacking the character of George Floyd who was murdered by four now-fired Minneapolis cops.

After Carson expressed his own horror at how George Floyd died at the hands of the police, Tapper brought up the president's re-tweets of posts slurring the victim of police abuse.

“I know you didn’t retweet this, but the president did,” Tapper began. “Does that help the nation heal?”

“What will help the nation heal is if we will engage in dialogue together,” Carson attempted. “Let’s not make the solution be a Democrat solution or a Republican solution. Let’s make it be an American solution and recognize that our country is extraordinary.”

As Carson added that the public can't “allow ourselves to be manipulated into thinking that we hate each other and destroying ourselves," Tapper brought him back to the death of Floyd and the president in particular.

“You’re calling for healing, you’re calling for understanding, you’re calling for people to listen to each other, and President Trump is retweeting a video in which people are attacking the character of [George Floyd],” the CNn host pressed. “Doesn’t it hurt the country and this idea we need to have dialogues and conversations and respect each other, when the president is sharing and, in some cases, offering incendiary statements?”

Carson dismissed the question, saying the president would have more to say about it later this week.

Watch below: