Black students brutalized by Atlanta cops call for 'total reset in policing' on CNN

The two black students who were brutalized by police in Atlanta went on CNN Wednesday to demand fundamental change from American police departments.

In an interview on CNN, students Taniyah Pilgrim and Messiah Young, who were pulled out of their car by Atlanta police and tased earlier this week, said that police behavior toward peaceful demonstrators shows exactly why protesters are taking to the streets in the first place.

"The lingering effects are traumatizing," Pilgrim said. "It all happened so fast, there was no -- you can't mentally prepare for that."

Young then issued a blunt call for change.

"There needs to be a total reset in policing," he said. "The culture of policing, the way citizens and authority interact with one another. There needs to be trust and safeness and security dealing with law enforcement. We just need to see a total shift in the way things are done because at this point we're going to continue having these protests. We're going to continue losing black lives, brown lives."

Watch the video below.