Bolton’s concentration camp allegations about Trump backed up by ex-admin officials: Trump 'couldn't care less'
Donald Trump appears in White House Cabinet Room (Twitter/screen grab)

President Donald Trump is once again in a scandal over “concentration camps” thanks to a new book from former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

The forthcoming memoir recounts Trump encouraging Chinese leader Xi Jinping to continue forcing Uighur Muslims into the concentration camps.

“Throughout his presidency, nine current and former senior administration officials say, Trump has exhibited a callous indifference to what has been described as crimes against humanity and cultural genocide taking place in China’s western Xinjiang province,” The Daily Beast reported Thursday.

“He couldn’t give a sh*t,” one former senior Trump official told The Beast.

“It was clear to most based off my conversations with the national security team that the president couldn’t care less about this,” a former GOP national security official told The Beast.

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