Buffalo police dispatcher suspended for calling protesters ‘wild animals’: ‘Allow officers to shoot and kill!’
Bob Marth (Facebook)

A Buffalo dispatcher was suspended over his "reprehensible" social media postings.

The city's police commissioner Byron Lockwood suspended civilian employee Bob Marth without pay and opened an internal investigation in the Facebook posts ranting about protests against police brutality, reported WBFO-TV.

"Enough is enough!! What is going on is uncalled for," Marth posted last week, in a misspelled rant. "F*cken wild animals ... and what do you do to an animal that's rabid out of control you take it out!! Mayor stop being a patsy to these f*cks and give the order!!! Allow the officers to shoot to kill!!"

Marth, who also celebrated Hong Kong police for using blue-dye water cannons to shoot protesters, listed himself on Facebook as a security guard for Allied Universal, Chase Investigations and Shea's Performing Arts Center, in addition to his work for the police department.

Lockwood denounced the post as "reprehensible" and took disciplinary action, which is the second time in a week he's done so.

The commissioner also suspended two police officers without pay for shoving a 75-year-old protester who fell backwards and suffered a serious head injury, and the pair was later charged with felony assault.

President Donald Trump spread Kremlin-linked conspiracy theories about the protester, who he described as an anti-fascist "provocateur."