Chaos erupts at peaceful Black Lives Matter protest after white man pulls out a gun
A young person points a gun with both hands. Image via Shutterstock.

A peaceful protest of Black Lives Matter activists erupted into chaos when a white North Carolina man whipped out a weapon.

Twenty-five-year-old Harold Walker pulled a gun on two other white men during peaceful protests in Reidsville, North Carolina Monday night, reported RockinghamNow.

"It remains unclear if the incident that took place at around 9:30 p.m. was related to the protest in which demonstrators asked for fair treatment of minorities by police," the report said.

Either way, police were quick to arrest Walker and charge him with carrying a concealed weapon.

There were about 100 protesters gathered to speak out against police brutality, but several hours into the gathering was when Walker pulled out his gun and pointed it toward men standing near a parked car by the police department's main entrance.

"Protesters scattered, screaming and seeking cover across the street," the report said.

There were men in diesel trucks trying to intimidate protesters by taking turns stopping near the protest site and slamming on their accelerators to create dark smoke blowing in the face of the protesters.

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