'Clearly he's losing': GOP strategist explains Trump is headed for defeat because the public is tired of his 'insane' antics

On MSNBC Saturday, Lincoln Project strategist and longtime Republican consultant John Weaver laid out the key reason President Donald Trump is struggling for re-election.

"Clearly he's losing," said Weaver. "Look, we're in the middle of a pandemic that is much worse than it needs to be because of his malfeasance at the beginning and throughout the course of it. We're deep in a recession. He has no vision. Look at that softball answer that he gave Sean Hannity, and he was going down some sort of insane reminiscence with — about he and Melania driving through Washington. I didn't really understand what the hell he was talking about."

"Adam Serwer wrote in The Atlantic that it's hard for Donald Trump to run against another white guy," said host Joy Reid. "It's become clear the Republican Party is struggling to run against an old, moderate white guy. With you running ads like that and Biden almost coming across like a cross-partisan president, what could Trump even do about — against that?"

"Well, I think you touched on it early on," said Weaver. "This is going to be a referendum on Donald Trump, right? And normally an incumbent will get about one point maybe above whatever his job approval number is, and Trump's job approval number now is somewhere between 38 and 41. That's where he's stopping. He's got a 50 very hard negative. He's in this box canyon that he can't get out of."

"The other thing about Joe Biden is, people see him as a stable leader, and in our ad that we just showed, people are yearning to go back to presidents that know how to conduct themselves in crisis," said Weaver. "Right now, they wake up every day and it's insane Groundhog Day, every day, with this president. They want to get back to just a bit of normalcy. No family, no business small or large, no sports team, no anything could be conducted this way where every day is based on the mood of the person at the top, or whether he's tweeting attacking someone, or whether his ego needs to be massaged. People are really tired."

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