Content of Trump's phone calls would lead to him getting booted from office: Carl Bernstein
President Donald Trump wearing a 'Make America Great Again' hat while talking on the phone inside the Oval Office (Facebook).

Following up on his CNN report about Donald Trump's phone calls with world leaders that have been described as "disturbing," journalist Carl Bernstein appeared on "New Day" to describe words and terms that the president used that would likely get the president booted from office if Republicans heard them.

As the journalist noted, the president saved some of his ugliest comments for women who are leading their countries.

"First it's not just he endangered the national security but who came to the conclusion; the closest aides to the president himself in his administration," Bernstein told host John Berman. "His former secretary of state, his former chiefs of staff, his former secretary of defense, and why it is that these people are saying he endangered the national security? In part because in hundreds of phone calls with foreign heads of state, the president of the United States was unable to conduct foreign relations in a competent way and rather gave in and slavishly, in approaching Putin of Russia, Erdogan of Turkey, sought their approval, caved in their conversation to their desires rather than the established United States policy."

"On top of which, he berated and bullied America's allies, particularly women heads of state in such a way that if those people in the Congress of the United States, I'm told, heard these recordings that existed of his conversations and saw the transcripts of them, that they would be horrified and might result in the president having real trouble remaining in office," he added.

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