CrossFit CEO caught on tape pushing a wild conspiracy theory about George Floyd: report
Crossfit CEO Greg Glassman (screengrab)

BuzzFeed News reports obtaining a 75-minute Zoom call between CrossFit CEO and founder Greg Glassman and sixteen affiliate owners.

“We're not mourning for George Floyd — I don't think me or any of my staff are,” BuzzFeed reports Glassman saying on the call. “Can you tell me why I should mourn for him? Other than that it’s the white thing to do — other than that, give me another reason?"

"He also recounted unfounded conspiracy theories on the call that included speculation Floyd was murdered to “silence him” due to a purported, baseless role in a criminal conspiracy involving counterfeit money," BuzzFeed reported.

“It's very interesting that George gets popped with counterfeits and who comes but the head of security from the dance club? Watch: this thing's going to turn into first-degree murder,” Glassman reportedly predicted. “That's what it's going to turn into. And it's going to be because I'm predicting this — we have friends in the FBI in your neighborhood and they're of the view that this was first-degree murder and it was to silence him over the counterfeit money. That's the belief. That's what the cops think.”

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