Don Trump Jr. ridiculed for 'sad and weird' suck-up interview with his dad
YouTube screenshot of Donald Trump Jr.

In a column for the Daily Beast, author Molly Jong-Fast expressed both disgust and sadness over Donald Trump Jr's Thursday night sycophantic interview with his dad to drive up interest in his "Triggered" YouTube video, calling it a "sad" attempt to get his father to love him.

With a subhead stating, "Watching Donald Trump Jr. interview Donald Trump Sr. was crazy, and f*cked up, but mostly it was sad," Jong-Fast said the namesake son of the president "seemed alarmingly excited to 'get' his dad.

Noting that the younger Trump started off the interview with a painful stab at humor, asking his father, "Which is your favorite Trump child and why is it Ivanka?” Jong-Fast wrote that it mostly went downhill from there.

"Things got weirder, and nastier," she explained before adding, "Junior told his father that Osama Bin Laden had wanted to assassinate Barack Obama because 'it would put Joe Biden in charge.' Even Senior sounded dubious about this idea and you got the idea that the father considers the son to be kind of a lightweight."

According to the columnist, the whole set-up felt like a Saturday Night Live skit -- pointing out that Junior even asked about SNL's portrayal of his dad to which the president claimed that the show had gone downhill since he appeared as a host.

However, Jong-Fast saved most of her mockery for the president's son, saying he came off as pathetic.

"Junior seems like he vacillates between being scared of his dad and just hoping his dad will just touch his arm. Senior seemed bored, and disinterested in letting his son cut into his speaking time. That’s a form of family relations to be sure, but not a very pleasant one. I’m no fan of Junior but there is something heartbreaking about his interactions with his father," she wrote before adding, "For all the craziness and propaganda, there was a pathos to the whole thing. Like Junior just wanted his dad to hug him, or to tell him everything was going to be OK. But as coronavirus rages, and the country continues to be torn apart by social unrest and injustice, we all know, even Senior knows, that none of this is going to be OK. "

You can read the whole piece here (subscription required) and watch the video below: