Even evangelical groups were disgusted by Trump's Bible stunt: former White House faith adviser
Donald Trump posing with a Bible in front of St. John's church (screengrab)

On CNN Tuesday, former Obama White House faith and race adviser Joshua Dubois said President Donald Trump's Bible photo-op in front of the church near the White House could backfire on him with his most critical voting bloc.

"I thought it was farcical. And it is kind of blowing up in his face even in the faith community and communities that support, him like some conservative evangelical communities," said Dubois. "The reason is Jesus stood up for everyday people, including the vulnerable, and didn't believe in false displays of piety, and yesterday President Trump ordered — or was okay with — everyday people being gassed and shot with rubber bullets in order to make his way to a false display of piety."

"It is just obscene and absurd," continued Dubois. "And he sort of is flailing right now. He started off by showing sympathy to the family of George Floyd, then telling governors to get tough, and then the scene yesterday at the White House. He doesn't seem to have a plan, a strategy, to address the underlying issues and bring the country together ... Everything that he does seems to make things worse."

Watch below: