GOP 'cowardice' hits new low after they refuse to condemn Trump's smear of hospitalized protester: CNN's Berman
CNN's John Berman reads from special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of Roger Stone (Screen cap).

CNN's John Berman on Wednesday went off on Republican lawmakers who couldn't even be bothered to condemn President Donald Trump's smear of a hospitalized protester who cracked his skull on the pavement after being shoved by Buffalo police.

While discussing the president's tweet attacking 75-year-old Martin Gugino as a potential "antifa provocateur" who may have intentionally got himself hurt as part of a "set up" against police, CNN's Alisyn Camerota showed a graphic of all the Republican lawmakers who refused to comment on it.

"Here's the list of lawmakers who CNN tried to approach to get some comment on the president's... corrosive tweet, and they all dodged it," she said. "Senator Kelly Loeffler, she wouldn't answer the question. She jumped on to an elevator instead. Senator Ron Johnson said, 'I would rather not hear it' -- hear no evil, see no evil."

Berman appeared exasperated that Republicans couldn't bring themselves to say the president shouldn't launch smear campaigns against hospitalized protesters.

"It's cowardice for these Republican senators not to comment," Berman said. "The bar is so ridiculously low to say that the president shouldn't be attacking a 75-year-old Catholic peace activist who was bleeding from the head when he was pushed down. Think of how low that bar is -- and the cowardice for these Republicans, who can't say, 'The president shouldn't have done that.'"

Watch the video below.