John Bolton’s new book will allege Trump misconduct with other countries — not just Ukraine: report
(AFP/File / Sergei GAPON)

Former Trump national security adviser John Bolton's long-delayed book will reportedly allege that President Donald Trump's corruption of American foreign policy went beyond his attempts to shake down the Ukrainian government for dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden.

According to Axios, Bolton's book will argue that there was "Trump misconduct with other countries" besides Ukraine, although the publication's source did not go into specifics about which countries are involved.

Trump's attempts to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate Biden by putting a hold on its military aid led to him being impeached on abuse of power charges in the House of Representatives last year.

In addition to its revelations about Trump's foreign policy, the book will accuse Trump of violating the Constitution in his efforts to block publication of his former national security adviser's book.

In the prologue, Bolton writes that Trump directed "the seizure and withholding of my advisers' personal and other unclassified documents" while also making "outright threats of censorship."

"His reaction thus ranged from the mean-spirited to the constitutionally impermissible," Bolton concludes.

Sources close to Trump tell Axios that they are particularly worried about Bolton's book because he is such a detailed note taker who kept scores of yellow notepads filled with records and observations.