Louisville mayor begins termination process against officer involved in slaying of Breonna Taylor
Breonna Taylor, shown at a graduation ceremony, was shot dead by police on March 13 (AFP)

The mayor of Louisville has announced one of the officers involved in shooting and killing Breonna Taylor is being terminated.

Mayor Greg Fischer tweeted the information Friday, naming LMPD's Schroeder as the person to be fired.

“Unfortunately, due to a provision in state law that I very much would like to see changed, both the Chief and I are precluded from talking about what brought us to this moment, or even the timing of this decision,” the Mayor said, citing KRS Chapter 67c point 326 (1) (f).

Taylor was the victim of a no-knock warrant because police thought a suspect, who was already in custody, was getting mail for the man at her apartment. She and her boyfriend were asleep when the police burst in. Her boyfriend called 9-1-1 and fired a warning shot, thinking that it was a robbery. Police opened fire and shot Taylor eight times. They then reported her death was from "no injuries."