Mitch McConnell shredded for coming out in support of wearing masks '75 days' and '125,000 bodies too late'
Mitch McConnell (Saul Loeb:AFP)

Wearing a mask has somehow become part of the Republican Party's ongoing war against science and facts. For some reason, President Donald Trump refuses to wear a mask and has mocked some of those who do so. He hasn't mandated masks at his events and at a GOP conference in Arizona.

Supporters have been dogged about their stance against masks, taking to municipal meetings to clutch their throats and pretend they are somehow suffocating.

Public opinion has turned against the mask-phobic and many have posted videos of irate white women having public meltdowns when asked to put one on. Since the winds shifted, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has decided that masks are important.

Predictable, Republicans unleashed on McConnell treating him like a traitor to their pro-COVID advocacy.

On the other side, it prompted many to ask where McConnell has been for the last 75 days and why McConnell has been so unwilling to weigh in on the mask battle until now.

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