Protesters mock Trump with middle-finger salutes as he rides to Saint John Paul II National Shrine
September 15, 2015, Donald Trump, 2016 Republican presidential candidate, speaks during a rally aboard the Battleship USS Iowa in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California (Photo by Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock)

President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning drove to the Saint John Paul II National Shrine -- and he was greeted by anti-police brutality protesters who gave him the middle finger on his way.

Photos taken by ABC News White House correspondent Jon Karl show multiple people holding signs and flipping off the presidential motorcade during its trip.

"These were the images Donald Trump could see out the window of the presidential limo as his motorcade went from the White House to the Saint John Paul II National Shrine," Karl commented.

In addition to people giving Trump the middle finger, one protester was holding a sign that described Trump as a "bunker b*tch."

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