‘There’s something very fishy going on’: Ex-impeachment counsel questions abrupt firing of SDNY's Berman
William Barr (Screen Shot)

On CNN Monday, former impeachment counsel Daniel Goldman argued that the effort by President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr to oust SDNY prosecutor Geoffrey Berman is suspicious and must be investigated.

"Geoffrey Berman said he did not step down, he was fired. So Barr lied about that," said anchor John Berman. "Number two, it's four months before the election, so what does this tell you?"

"It tells me there's something very fishy going on," said Goldman. "And we've seen a disloyalty purge by President Trump since the impeachment. There are obviously, we know of, at least an investigation into Rudy Giuliani in the Southern District and there may be others. It's a very unusual, almost unique timing to remove a U.S. attorney that, by the way, he was nominated by Trump himself ... and then you add the credibility issues that Bill Barr has prior to this, layered on with his lie about the fact that Berman was stepping down and he had to say, no, I'm not. In addition, they tried to put in the U.S. attorney in New Jersey as the acting, which also never happened."

"So all of this circumstantial evidence leads one to believe that there's some badifaith reason why they were — Trump and Barr were trying to remove the top prosecutor in the Southern District of New York," said Goldman. "We don't know what it is, but we need to find out."

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