'Treason on the links': Lindsey Graham buried for playing golf with Trump after Russian bounty bombshell
Sen. Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump -- (screeshot/AFP)

One day after expressing concern that the Trump administration might have been aware of an offer by the Russians to pay a bounty for the murder of U.S. military members by terrorists, the South Carolina Republican was seen heading out for a round of golf with the embattled president.

Following the bombshell report from the New York Times, Graham tweeted, "Imperative Congress get to the bottom of recent media reports that Russian GRU units in Afghanistan have offered to pay the Taliban to kill American soldiers with the goal of pushing America out of the region."

Those concerns didn't seem to be enough for Graham to keep his distance from the president who was implicated in the report, with CNN's Kaitlan Collin's tweeting, "Dressed for golf, President Trump just left the White House with Sen. Lindsey Graham."

That, naturally, set off Twitter users wondering what the two would be talking about on the greens with one commenter labeling it "Treason on the links."

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