Trump acting like an 'idiot' and 'actively working against the health of the American people': MSNBC's Mika
Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski blasted President Donald Trump for acting like an "idiot" and setting a horrible example during the coronavirus pandemic.

The "Morning Joe" co-host said the president had neglected his duties throughout the public health crisis and needlessly politicized safety measures that can be easily taken by anyone to help prevent the virus from spreading.

"Since this president didn't respond to this pandemic and that is clearly logged in the history books for all Americans to see and hear and read for years to come," Brzezinski said, "now you have a president who is actively working against the health of the American people in his words and in his actions. He won't wear a mask, he makes fun of people who wear masks, he makes sure his staff makes fun of people who wear masks. Masks can keep this virus from spreading. The president won't wear one and makes fun of people who wear them, and actually sets an example that you actually should not wear a mask, when it's the one thing that could actually keep this from spreading because we are so unprepared for this."

"Same with testing," she added. "He keeps saying if we test more, we'll have more cases. Yes, idiot, we want to know where the virus is and where it isn't so we can protect people. Had we had testing in place, maybe at this point we'd be at mass testing. Maybe there'd be testing before people go into concerts and rallies so that we could make sure that these arenas and these public venues are safe, so that we could make sure that this economy could reopen."

Brzezinski said the evidence was clear, and the president had bungled the response over and over, costing thousands of lives and causing economic devastation.

"Again and again and again the president works against himself and the health of the American people and continues to botch this," she said. "That's what we're seeing happening. This is not me, you know, having a slant on it -- this is the reality. Look at the science, talk to your doctor, talk to scientists you trust and tell me that what I've said isn't exactly the case in terms of the example he's setting as a leader to try and keep this country safe."