Trump becoming 'more alone and isolated with his thoughts' as police brutality protests grow: report
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump has been spending the past two weeks of American protests "isolated" in the White House, with nothing but his "thoughts" to keep him company.

Politico's Jake Sherman reported in a Twitter thread and in Politico's Playbook on Tuesday that as demand grows for action to combat police brutality, Trump is digging a grave of intolerance. Republican allies are shrinking away as a result.

"Trump seems more alone and isolated with his thoughts, and detached from the overall political conversation in the Capitol, and the rest of America," said Sherman.

"On Capitol Hill, the president’s party is beginning to rally around some overhaul of the laws governing police conduct," he reported, noting that Republicans are desperately trying to craft a bill to deal with police violence while the Congressional Black Caucus crafts their own.

"But in the White House, the president is busy broadcasting a conspiracy theory that people find so alarmingly baseless and in poor taste that the party’s top lawmakers are treating it like it’s the physical manifestation of the coronavirus itself," said Sherman.

Tuesday morning Trump unleashed a conspiracy theory that a 75-year-old Buffalo, New York man intentionally smashed his own head on the cement, after police pushed him. Trump said falsely that the elderly man was was nothing more than an “Antifa provocateur.”

As the November election approaches, Sherman said that the days are gone "when lawmakers twisted themselves in pretzels to defend the president. Now they just move on, as if he hardly exists at all."

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