Trump 'getting madder by the day' at campaign manager Brad Parscale for botched Tulsa rally: report

President Donald Trump is reportedly still seething at his campaign staff for Saturday's botched rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

One former Trump adviser tells Yahoo News that the president is "getting madder by the day" at campaign chief Brad Parscale after he failed to fill a 19,000-seat arena in Tulsa.

"The president has diminishing confidence in Brad," the adviser said. "I’ve been in the room when Trump refers to him as ‘the website guy'... And that’s not that long ago. It’s a problem for Brad."

Yahoo News' sources say that Trump is considering giving campaign aides Jason Miller and Bill Stepien more power to run the operation, although Miller told the publication that this was "fake news."

Trump is also apparently angry about the way that his now-infamous photo op at the St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. backfired.

"The former campaign adviser said Trump felt 'poorly served' by recent advice from his aides including the execution of the Tulsa rally and the handling of his appearance at St. John’s Church earlier this month, which took place after protesters were tear gassed and cleared from the surrounding street," Yahoo News reports. "According to the adviser, Parscale’s lack of political gravitas made it hard for him to question Trump when the president has his own ideas that might not work."