Trump has become the 'invisible president' as his poll numbers collapse with 'breathtaking' speed: conservative
President Donald Trump. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

Combining both the decision to sequester Donald Trump in a secure underground White House bunker due to the George Floyd protests outside the White House gates, along with his collapsing poll numbers, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin said Trump is quickly becoming the "invisible president."

According to the conservative, Trump's polling collapse is "breathtaking" in light of an election that is just months away.

Reporting, "The Post-ABC News poll in March showed his approval rating nudging into positive territory (48 percent approval vs. 46 percent disapproval); the latest poll released on Sunday shows him back in negative territory (45 percent to 53 percent). His personal favorability is net -13. His rating on handling the coronavirus has gone from a net +6 to a net -7," Rubin explained that there is little going right for the president at the moment as he is overwhelmed by events and former Vice President Joe Biden -- the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee -- surges in the polls.

Writing, "Biden has an enormous approval advantage among groups critical to his victory," Rubin suggested the former veep may yet see another bump due to how Trump has handled the Floyd protests.

'Though intensity of support for Biden lags Trump’s, the backlash provoked by Floyd’s killing could well increase the strength of Biden’s support," she explained. "A historic vice president pick might help generate more excitement, particularly if Biden selects a woman of color. In the current context, that could be seen as not just a rebuttal to the MAGA crowd’s racism but also a reminder to Democratic voters how critical is this election."

The conservative columnist added, "...violence in the streets may deepen the two other crises occurring on Trump’s watch: the pandemic and the economic collapse," before adding that we may not see the end of Trump's freefall since he will likely make things even more problematic for himself.

"It is entirely possible that Trump’s performance will get even worse. A massive and disproportionate reaction from law enforcement, God forbid, may result in even more prolonged, destructive demonstrations. The longer Trump is viewed as overwhelmed by the explosion of racial animus and violence that he helped ignite, the greater the thirst for change," she advised before warning voters to not become complacent.

"In sum, Biden could well be heading for a decisive win. However, no one should underestimate Trump. One thing we know for sure: He will have no qualms about making racial divisions deeper and instigating violence. He’s done it before," she concluded.

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