Trump plans to 'go even more scorched Earth' against Biden because he has no positive agenda: report
President Donald Turmp (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump no longer has a strong economy to run on for his reelection campaign -- and the president now reportedly thinks he has no option other than to rip apart former Vice President Joe Biden.

The Daily Beast reports that Trump "is plotting to go even more scorched earth than usual, ginning up national turmoil and painting his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, as sympathetic to left-wing violence."

GOP sources tell the publication that Trump's latest election ploy is "born from a place of desperation," as most Americans think the country is on the wrong track during a COVID-19 pandemic that so far has killed 100,000 Americans and left millions more unemployed.

Even though Trump was always planning to go nuclear against Biden, the multiple crises dominating the current news cycle have left him with far less time to make attacks that stick, which is why the campaign is going to go with what The Daily Beast describes as a "throw-it-all-against-the-wall approach."

However, GOP operative Dave Carney tells the publication that current events have taken away Trump's control of the campaign.

"A lot of this is totally out of his hands," he said. "On the economy, for instance, he can be a cheerleader for it. But it’s really up to the states."