Trump supporter says dying of COVID after Tulsa event will just make him mad he won’t be able to vote: report
Trump supporters (Shutterstock)

On Tuesday, the Tulsa World spoke with James Massery, one of the many supporters of President Donald Trump who are already gathering to attend his Tulsa campaign rally on Saturday. He made it clear to reporters that he doesn't fear COVID-19 — and if it kills him, it'll just be a shame he wasn't able to vote for Trump.

"Whether or not I get it, it doesn't bother me in the least," said Massery, who is from Preston, a small community about 30 miles from Tulsa. "If I get it, I'll deal with it ... if it takes me out, it's just going to make me mad that I can't vote for Trump in this coming election."

Trump has faced widespread criticism for moving forward with rally plans even in the middle of a spike in coronavirus cases in the area — which threatens to turn his rally into a "super-spreader" event that infects hundreds of people who will then return to their surrounding communities. The criticisms have been enforced by a waiver Trump is asking supporters to affirm, that would bar them from suing the campaign if they become infected at the rally.

Tulsa Mayor G. T. Bynum, a Republican, has said he wishes the president would hold his rally in another city, but that he will not challenge or try to stop the rally from moving forward.