Trump's determination to quell protest crowd backfires as DC marchers grow larger
Protesters march to the White House (Photo: Screen capture)

Marchers walking south on 16th Street grew progressively larger as they filled the roads and sidewalks Tuesday.

President Donald Trump dispatched the National Guard Monday as Park Police and Washington, DC PD members joined the mass of officers attempting to clear the streets.

It didn't work.

"This crowd is massive today and is spread around a bunch of downtown streets. Lots of people I’ve spoken to say this is their first day protesting, with some saying the overwhelming force used to clear folks last night motivated them to come speak out in person," said MSNBC's Garrett Haake.

Every nine blocks the protesters walked, they paused for a moment of silence. The number is significant because it took about nine minutes for George Floyd to die as police sat on him as he begged for his life.

While military vehicles rolled into the city Monday, even larger military hardware drove through DC on Tuesday. The word "FLAMMABLE" was painted on the side of the tanker.

Unfortunately for President Donald Trump, the crowd also appeared to be larger than his 2017 inauguration.

You can see the videos and photos below: