Trump's DOJ has 'all but abandoned broad investigations into unconstitutional policing practices': CNN
Bill Barr and Donald Trump (AFP)

The Department of Justice under President Donald Trump has "all but abandoned" investigations into legally questionable policing practices, even during a time when police brutality is still a major problem in the United States.

Multiple DOJ sources tell CNN that Trump's DOJ has only launched one investigation into law enforcement agencies for practices that could violate the United States Constitution.

The DOJ under former President George W. Bush launched 12 such investigations, while opening 15 such investigations under former President Barack Obama.

What's more, the only such Trump DOJ investigation occurred under former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and none so far have been launched under current Attorney General Bill Barr.

On top of all that, CNN has found that "the administration has also abandoned some of the cases that were started under Obama, including a high-profile investigation into the Chicago Police Department" that started in the wake of the Laquan McDonald shooting in 2015.

"The Trump administration has intentionally stripped its own capacity to address problems in local policing," University of Michigan law professor Margo Schlanger tells CNN. "They had all these tools... On some of them, they've cut off their own hands, on some they've tied their hands behind their back."