Trump's Iowa problem is a red flag that a 'wipeout' is on the way come Election Day: conservative

In her column for the Washington Post, conservative writer Jennifer Rubin highlighted reports coming out of normally Republican-reliable Iowa that are not good news for Donald Trump and could be a red flag that the president is looking at a debacle at the polls in November.

Over the weekend, polls in Iowa showed that Sen. Joni Ernst (R) has fallen behind Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield in a race that should not have been close -- and that the president's numbers are barely better than the incumbent senator.

Using the president's razor-thin Electoral College victory in 2016 -- when he lost the popular vote by over three million ballots to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton -- Rubin said the president's Iowa problems, as well as his problems in the battleground states, is a recipe for re-election disaster.

"In the latest Des Moines Register poll, Trump is ahead by a point (a statistical tie) over former vice president Joe Biden. Trump won Iowa in 2016 by about 10 points. If a nine-point shift occurs nationwide, Biden would win not only North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania but also Texas and Ohio. In other words, Trump would be thrashed, and Republicans in down-ballot races would suffer huge losses," the columnist suggested.

Admitting that it is still early, with the election months away, Rubin explained that the president and his campaign officials have their work cut out for them but that Biden's lead in some swing states is likely insurmountable without major changes.

"Trump and his phony pollsters are kidding themselves if they think they can win the popular vote or the electoral college without making huge strides to regain votes of women, college-educated voters, independents and older voters," she wrote before adding, "To change the trajectory of this race, Trump would need to do things he seems incapable of even attempting. He would have to stop campaigning in safe red states and start spending time and resources in swing states."

According to the columnist, the president's re-election chances could improve but he would have to deny his true nature or, as she put it: "Trump would have to stop being Trump."

"His omnipresence on TV, which again his ego demands, simply reminds Americans of his cruelty, weakness, cluelessness and racism," she suggested before concluding, "Barring a transformation of our economy, our criminal justice system, the pandemic and most of all Trump himself, his dream of a resounding reelection will go up in smoke in November. Americans are simply tired of losing."

You can read the whole piece here.