Trump’s niece claims the president took advantage of ‘mentally impaired’ father to score more cash from his will
Successful real estate developer Fred Trump and his son, Donald (screengrab)

President Donald Trump announced that his niece's upcoming tell-all book will be blocked by a non-disclosure agreement that she signed. However, that isn't keeping Mary Trump from talking to the press.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mary explained that she has the paperwork to prove the way that Fred Trump Sr. was taken advantage of and robbed of his fortune at the end of his life.

According to the report, Trump, his brother Robert and sister Judge Maryanne Trump Barry coerced their father into cutting their niece and nephew out of their grandfather's will because their father, Fred Trump Jr. had died. According to the report, the siblings then "perjured themselves about it afterwards,"

Court documents from the 2000 lawsuit show that Mary and Fred Trump III, the children of the eldest Trump child, had their health insurance cut off as part of the power-grab to get the most of the inheritance.

Mary Trump's tell-all book, due out in August, is expected to include "harrowing and salacious" details about the Trump family, including the president.

In a court affidavit given to the site, Mary said that she discovered that in September 1991 Fred Sr "virtually disinherited" her and her brother, giving all of his money to the last living children, Maryanne, Robert and Donald Trump. Mary and Fred III would only get about $200,000 because their father had died. It was after they challenged the new will that the Trump siblings canceled their family health insurance in "retaliation."

"Mary and Fred claim the Trumps lied during the probate for Fred Sr’s estate by saying he had ‘not a scintilla of diminished capacity’ when he changed the will in 1991 at the age of 85," said the Daily Mail.

Doctors, however, diagnosed Fred Sr. around the same time as having early signs of dementia. He couldn't remember his birthday or details of a story read to him 30 minutes prior, the medical documents in the lawsuit said.

Robert Trump was even caught saying that doctors told him in 1992 that his father's memory had seen a "notable decline" for the past two years, which contradicted his later testimony.

Fred Trump Sr.'s grandchildren even said that he may not have been the one to sign the revised will, saying it was only "allegedly" signed by him.

The affidavit quotes Mary Trump saying, "At the time the will was executed, my grandfather was suffering from senile dementia and significant memory impairment. My brother and I believe that the will is the product of undue influence and coercion by defendants upon my grandfather, who clearly lacked the requisite mental capacity to make a will."

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