Trump's 'presidency is really in free-fall': Conservative Charlie Sykes

Conservative commentator and Bulwark creator Charlie Sykes said that it has become clear that President Donald Trump is in a political "free-fall."

Speaking to MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, Sykes cited the recently released Pew survey that outlined dissatisfaction with Americans about the direction of the country. A whopping 71 percent of Americans are "angry" when they think about the state of the country and 66 percent are "fearful."

"This takes place during the presidency of a man who said he was going to make us great again," said Sykes about Trump's campaign slogan. "Here's Joe Biden, whose main job is to reassure America, make himself a plausible alternative and I think that he's succeeded in doing that so far. But what you're seeing now is a presidency really in freefall. I know we talked about this is bad or this is bad. Right now, you have an alignment of the planets for Donald Trump that's really quite extraordinary. One poll, only 19 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters say they are satisfied with the direction of the country. That's a very, very ominous number for any incumbent but especially for Donald Trump."

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