Trump's promotion of racists shows he's 'in a very dark place mentally right now': CNN's Harwood
President Trump pouts when asked about his remarks to a Gold Star family (Screen cap).

CNN's John Harwood on Monday said that President Donald Trump's promotion of a video in which one of his supporters shouted "white power" showed that he had a childlike carelessness about his responsibilities as president.

"The president is like a child in the sand box who is playing with sharp sticks," Harwood said. "When I say 'sharp sticks,' I'm talking about videos that he has retweeted of white people with guns while protesters march by, white people yelling 'white power,' 'Wanted' posters for people going after statues in public parks. He seems to be in a very dark place mentally right now."

Harwood also remarked that the president is saying comparatively very little about the COVID-19 pandemic that so far has killed more than 126,000 Americans.

"We've got a crisis that is accelerating in the United States that threatens public health, threatens the economy, and the president is not talking about it," he said. "He's not setting an example on masks, he's not urging others to wear masks. The impression that's being conveyed is that the grownups in the administration are trying to handle this themselves, as if he's not there."

Watch the video below.