White lady starts throwing food in Latino market when she's told to put mask back on
Woman starts throwing food at Fiesta Market (Photos: Screen capture)

A white lady was caught on video over the weekend having a complete meltdown in a Latino-American supermarket in Dallas, Texas.

The Fiesta Market manager politely told the woman to put on a mask only to have her start throwing food from her basket in anger. Item after item was chucked onto the floor, from frozen chicken to chips.

The woman filming the incident explained in Spanish that the latest "Karen" was asked to put her mask back on at the checkout stand. She had apparently worn the mask the whole time through her shopping trip.

Texas has experienced such a huge increase in coronavirus cases that the GOP governor has decided to pause reopening and shutdown some bars in the state. Dallas, in particular, has been a hotbed of COVID-19 cases, and Houston announced this week that they were running out of ICU beds. Texas experienced a record number of hospitalizations for the past 16 days in a row.

You can watch the video below: