‘Appalling’: Health experts bury Dallas church that hosted Mike Pence after choir members test positive for COVID-19

Public health experts are slamming a Dallas megachurch that hosted Vice President Mike Pence over the weekend after several of its choir members tested positive for COVID-19 earlier in the month.

BuzzFeed News reports that "at least five members of the choir and orchestra" at the First Baptist church in Dallas tested positive for the novel coronavirus in the weeks leading up to Pence's visit.

Although these members were not present during Pence's visit, the publication writes that it's not clear how many members of the choir have been exposed to them -- and this is particularly concerning because the church's choir and orchestra all performed on Sunday without wearing any face masks.

Lisa Maragakis, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, called the church's actions "appalling" and said that both the choir and orchestra should have been put under quarantine as soon as members were diagnosed with COVID-19.

Philip Huang, Dallas County’s Health and Human Services director, would not condemn First Baptist as Maragakis did, but he did tell BuzzFeed News that "any medical expert would tell you that is not a good situation" to have choir members exposed to COVID-19 singing in front of the vice president without wearing face masks.