Bill Barr seems to be at the ‘Rudy Giuliani stage' of his credibility: Ex-White House lawyer
(Photo: By mark reinstein/Shutterstock)

Former White House Solicitor General Neal Katyal attacked Attorney General Bill Barr after his Tuesday testimony appeared to place partisanship above the United States laws. It's a move he said reminds him of Rudy Giuliani in its level of absurdity.

"I am surprised by the attorney general's testimony," Katyal said. "I mean, Attorney General Barr yesterday seemed to be frankly, Ari, at the Rudy Giuliani stage of his personal development. Someone who had competence a while back and traded it away from modern relevance and bitter partisanship and threw away all principles in the process. He came in with a huge cloud over him, and it wasn't a partisan cloud."

He cited an editorial in USA Today by Ken Starr's deputy, Paul Rosenzweig, a prominent Republican, who said that Barr lied about the Mueller report, the Roger Stone sentencing fiasco was unforgivable, and he did nothing in his testimony to dispel any of those problems.

Katyal went on to cite Barr recalling the Presidential Cabinet discussing the campaign during a meeting at the White House. Katyal said he's never heard of that happening.

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