Black mom says Trump supporters pulled gun on her and her daughter after parking lot dispute
Zariel Balogun (WTVD)

A North Carolina mother says two supporters of President Donald Trump threatened to kill and her teenage daughter outside a grocery store.

Zariel Balogun told WRAL-TV she had just loaded groceries into her car and pulled away from BJ's Wholesale Club when a black pickup approached a stop sign at a four-way intersection.

"It didn't seem like he was going to stop at the stop sign, so I honked my horn," Balogun said.

The pickup driver first revved the engine behind her, and then pulled alongside her and drew a weapon, along with his passenger.

"He pointed (the gun) at me and my 15-year-old daughter that was in the passenger side seat, and I told him to put his gun away cause he wasn't going to shoot anyone," Balogun told WTVD-TV. "When I said that, it kind of made him mad. He started saying, 'Oh, they're not scared of guns. They're ghetto, black b*tches.'"

Balogun said the driver punctuated his violent outburst with a show of support for the president.

"He immediately turned his hat around and said, 'This is exactly why we need to Make America Great Again, because of these ghetto black b*tches,'" Balogun said.

Balogun filed a police report, but no arrests have been made.

"If he wanted to shoot, there's nothing that I could have done," Balogun said, "He pointed the gun at me and my child."