California man says another diner called him a racial slur during food-throwing tantrum
Theek Vault (KCRA)

A Sacramento man says another customer called him a racial slur during a tantrum at a midtown restaurant.

Theek Vault told KCRA-TV he was eating Friday night at Tank House BBQ and Bar on Friday night with friends when he noticed another man who appeared unhappy.

“There was a gentleman behind me who was clearly upset, kind of throwing some food,” Vault said. “He threw a couple boxes here and there.”

The man soon walked out, and Vault said they made eye contact.

“He walks out and before he gets in his car," Vault said, "he just landed a hard racial slur."

Vault posted on social media about the encounter when he got home, and several other local businesses joined the Tank House in condemning the man's actions -- and banned him from entering their establishments.

“It’s not my first time being called that,” Vault said. “I always hope it’s the last time. When you’re in that situation, you don’t know how you’re going to feel or what you’re going to do.”