CNN's Cuomo slams Trump advisers for attacking Fauci: 'Why doesn't Captain Carnage tell his sycophants to shut up?'
Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Tuesday, Chris Cuomo slammed President Donald Trump's aides for attacking Dr. Anthony Fauci — and their boss for allowing it to continue despite knowing Fauci is correct.

"Trump knows Fauci is a trusted source," said Cuomo. "Given what just came out of his mouth, we have to ask why is he trying to destroy Fauci? And the answer is because Fauci keeps telling you the truth about COVID-19."

"If the president isn't behind it, why is his campaign pushing out a staffer like Stephen Moore, who is openly trying to smear Fauci's decades-long service?" said Cuomo. "The guy is supposed to be an economic analyst. What about this from Peter Navarro, another Trumper? Now he's a Fauci critic? These guys want to talk about being trustworthy and records of getting things wrong, and they work for Trump and never admit his legendary lies? And Dan Scavino, deputy chief of staff for communications, he posted this cartoon, mocking the top infectious disease specialist on his Facebook page as he calls him his colleague."

"So, yes, Trump is behind this. And, yes, this is how Trump and his trolls treat colleagues," said Cuomo. "The truth is, the man who promised to 'drain the swamp' has created more stench and added more alligators. That's what Trump has done. If i'm wrong, why doesn't Captain Carnage tell his sycophants to shut up? If he likes Fauci and believes he's a trusted source, why doesn't he say stop? Why doesn't he correct it? Because he likes what they're saying. He wants them to say it because he doesn't want you to believe the truth, unless it benefits him."

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