Congress petitions Supreme Court over their ‘urgent’ investigations into Donald Trump: report
Speaker Nancy Pelosi at 'Time' 100 (screengrab)

The House of Representatives is reviving efforts to obtain financial documents from Donald Trump as part of multiple investigations, Politico reported Monday.

"The House is planning to quickly revisit its effort to obtain President Donald Trump’s personal financial records, urging the Supreme Court on Monday night to take its final formal steps on the matter so lawmakers can reignite the issue in the lower courts," Politico reported.

"In a filing late Monday, the House’s top lawyer, Douglas Letter, urged the justices to immediately effectuate their July 9 ruling on the House’s subpoena for Trump’s records. Once the ruling is in force, the House can return to the U.S. District Court judge who initially heard the case and ask for renewed consideration," Politico explained. "But Supreme Court rulings typically don’t go into force immediately, and Letter noted that the Mazars ruling would normally take effect on Aug. 3 without the intervention of the justices. The lower courts can’t begin to take up the effort until the Supreme Court ruling takes hold, and the House is urging the justices to make that happen as quickly as possible."

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