Conservative columnist: Biden should establish a 'truth commission' to investigate Trump's wrongdoing
Donald Trump (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

On Monday, writing for The Washington Post, conservative writer Jennifer Rubin argued one of the first orders of business for Joe Biden as president should be holding Donald Trump accountable for his misconduct — and laid out a way he could do so.

The first goal of this, Rubin argued, should be "a complete historical accounting of the reams of scandals and abuses of power in the Trump era ... any secret understandings with Russian President Vladimir Putin; the use of federal forces against peaceful demonstrators; the limitations imposed on the FBI in investigating Brett M. Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing; the firings of inspectors general and more." The second should be "to investigate crimes by others so as to prosecute them and set an example for future administrations."

"The model for accomplishing this must not allow the administration to be preoccupied with Trump," wrote Rubin. "The ideal setup could be a body similar to the 9/11 Commission that could oversee the entire undertaking with subpoena power and an appropriate budget. As was the case with the 9/11 Commission, this one should be co-chaired by one respected Democrat and one respected Republican (or one Republican-appointed judge and a Democratic counterpart)."

Biden has not offered specifics on how his presidency would handle criminal conduct by his predecessor — although he has said he would neither pardon Trump nor politically interfere with any such investigation.

"Biden’s team would do well to think through this now so a decision can be announced after November, if he wins," concluded Rubin. "A truth commission may be key to preventing a Trump-type presidency from occurring again."

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