Conservative National Review writer shreds Trump's 'weak, self-defeating call for delaying the election'
Donald Trump (Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump's suggestion about delaying the 2020 presidential election is getting some significant pushback in some conservative circles.

National Review writer Dan McLaughlin, for one, writes that Trump's decision to float delaying the election is not only a terrible precedent, but is also impossible for him to achieve.

"The election won’t be delayed," he writes. "Trump has no legal power to do this, and House Democrats have no reason to accommodate him by changing the law."

McLaughlin also believes that Trump asking for something that will never happen only makes him look "weak."

"It is also a glaring statement of no-confidence in his own ability to compete in the election," he writes.

McLaughlin also argues that Republicans should be angry at Trump's call to delay the election.

"If I were, say, a Republican senator running for re-election right now, I’d be furious," he writes. One lesson of past campaigns is that the head of the ticket is supposed to play all the way to the whistle to keep the bottom from dropping out of down-ticket turnout... If Trump is already focused in July on making excuses for losing, that is a very bad omen for Republicans in November."