Donald Trump Jr boasts he turned down a 'generous book deal' and self-published to help Republicans
Donald Trump Jr. (Fox News)

According to a report from Politico, Don Trump Jr's new book will once again be purchased in bulk by the Republican National Committee as a fundraising tool -- which is why, he claims, he is self-publishing it.

Trump's oldest son began promoting the book, "Liberal Privilege,” last week when the cover was released containing a typo and, according to the new report, the RNC is buying up copies which will be gifted to donors who contribute at least $75 to the 2020 re-election campaign.

As the report notes, the bulk purchase of the book purportedly written by Trump Jr. is a reprise of "a similar fundraising campaign last year around Trump’s previous book, 'Triggered' — a move that led to accusations that the RNC was boosting sales to land him in the coveted top slot of The New York Times bestseller list."

While noting that the previous RNC bulk buy cost the RNC over $100,000 which they claim netted them around $1 million in donations, the son of Donald Trump said this time he was cutting out the middle-man and self-publishing despite being offered big bucks for his latest offering.

“While I was offered a generous book deal by my previous publishers, I turned it down and decided to self-publish,” he claimed in a statement. “The RNC was able to raise almost a million dollars from their fundraising campaign with my first book, ‘Triggered.’ I look forward to helping them fundraise once again for the benefit of the Republican Party.”

According to the report, the book will be available next month closer to the GOP convention, with the RNC offering it earlier for anyone so inclined to donate for a chance to read it as soon as possible.