‘Drunk Uncle’ Trump even made his supporters uneasy with ‘addled’ press conference tantrum: Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson -- MSNBC screenshot

On Wednesday, writing for The Daily Beast, ex-GOP strategist and Never Trump conservative Rick Wilson tore into "Drunk Uncle" Trump's latest press conference tirade.

"Like an addled necromancer with the heavy charnel stench of a dead campaign on him, Trump spent over an hour chanting the old incantations from an eldritch grimoire (The Dark Booke of Bannon, perhaps) only to find that nothing was working," wrote Wilson. "Even his most devoted followers were eyeing the exits and wondering when some apprentice would step forward to lead him off gently off the stage for a rest and a posset of unicorn blood."

Trump spent a large portion of the press conference attacking former Vice President Joe Biden and suggesting he would destroy the American way of life, which led some to suspect he had forced some White House staffers to violate the Hatch Act.

"For the tiny minority of Trumphadis who still imagine there is some rational, considered version of Donald Trump lurking inside that hair helmet, what they saw Tuesday was a desperate candidate flailing, madly spewing agitprop that even a Tucker Carlson producer would stare at in awe of its madness," wrote Wilson. "Trump runs the entire campaign operation from his impulses and instincts. They can hire 5,000 people for his campaign effort, and not one of them can persuade or change him ... Tuesday’s presser felt like Donald Trump seizing the reins of the campaign from Brad and Jared and baby daddy Jason Miller and getting back to the red-meat white-power themes he loved so well in 2016."

"Trump was struggling Tuesday to reconnect to the grunting populism of his 2016 success. In it, he was never held to account no matter how much footsie he played with the alt-right and its media outlets of record," concluded Wilson. "Now, the feeling that the magic isn’t working and that that spell has finally failed isn’t wishful thinking on the part of the Never Trump movement. It’s a president, a presidency, and a campaign in steep decline. You hate to see it."

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