'Excessive force': Video catches five NJ cops wrestling Black man to ground over open beer
Police officers in Point Pleasant, New Jersey wrestle man to the ground (Twitter/screen grab)

Five New Jersey police officers are being accused of using excessive force after they were seen wrestling a Black man to the ground for allegedly having a open beer at a beach.

Video of the incident, which was said to have occurred at Point Pleasant, was shared on social media.

In the video, at least five officers can be seen forcing a man to the ground.

A witness later explained that the officers could have issued the man a ticket instead of arresting him.

"We watched 5 cops surround one man," the witness wrote in an Instagram post. "They stopped him for publicly drinking. One had a ticket book out & I couldn't understand why they wouldn't write him a ticket and send him on his way."

"After about 15 minutes of him being surrounded, he finally tells them he's just trying to go home," the witness explained, "and they begin to use excessive force and now say he's resisting arrest. Without actually having a reason to arrest him."

The witness ended her post by calling for a boycott of Point Pleasant beach.

"It is not safe for us there," she insisted.

Watch the video and read the report below.