Fox News host battles Trump spokeswoman who suggests Roger Stone got 'medical commutation' for COVID
Jillian Turner speaks to Jenna Ellis (Fox News/screen grab)

Jenna Ellis, an attorney and spokesperson for Donald Trump, suggested that Roger Stone had received a "medical commutation" from the president because he was at risk for COVID-19.

While interviewing Ellis on Sunday, Fox News host Gillian Turner asked Ellis if Trump gave "serious thought" to his decision to commute Stone's sentence.

"Obviously, I'm not going to get into the internal deliberations," Ellis insisted. "But I think the timing does speak for itself, where this was just days before Roger Stone was supposed to report to federal prison."

"This was a political target that was designed to target President Trump's allies," she continued. "That was just absolutely absurd."

Ellis went on to argue, "The president is the last full guardian of genuine justice and Roger Stone absolutely deserved the justice."

Turner interrupted: "The question though was, was there an internal deliberation or was this a decision President Trump made on his own?"

Ellis refused to answer the question directly, citing attorney-client privilege. She then blasted former special counsel Robert Mueller as "irresponsible" for opposing the commutation.

"He should have remained quiet and allowed the commutation to proceed," Ellis said. "Roger Stone, being a 67-year-old man with underlying health conditions for a medical commutation. Even with the whole COVID-19 situation, you have people who are violent criminals that are being released in California and other states. And yet, the leftists want to pretend -- the Democrats want to pretend that somehow, you know, this is some kind of a big deal. It's simply not."

Turner tried once more to get an answer to her question before ending the interview.

"Jenna, just so you know before we wrap here, I'm asking you the question because we invited you on the show today to hopefully get some more information from you," Turner explained. "Not to just have you knock on Democrats and Nancy Pelosi."

"We were hoping that you could provide some perspective on this," she added.

"Hopefully, I did provide some perspective constitutionally," Ellis quipped.

Watch the video below from Fox News.