Here are the 5 worst words from Trump’s press conference — and how it could’ve been even worse for his campaign

MSNBC anchor Lawrence O'Donnell broke down the worst part of President Donald Trump's coronavirus briefing on Tuesday.

"The day after The Washington Post poll showed Donald Trump a full 15 points behind, Trump tried to revive his presidential campaign in a White House briefing with reporters -- that was supposed to be about the coronavirus epidemic in the country," he explained. "What could possibly go wrong?"

"It almost could not have been a bigger disaster for Donald Trump. And I say 'almost' because, of course, it can always be a bigger disaster for Trump and the Trump campaign," he explained. "And one way it could have been a bigger disaster is if the president had gotten a question about intelligence reports saying that Russia had been paying to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan -- 14 questions and not one question about intelligence reports saying that Vladimir Putin saying that they are paying to kill troops in Afghanistan, and the president has done nothing about that."

"Not one question about the most egregious dereliction of duty that we know about that any commander-in-chief has ever committed or been suspected of committing," he explained. "Yeah, that would have made it an even worse worst day at the microphone for Donald Trump, but no one asked him about that."

"And it could have been an even worse day if he had said something as utterly insane as the thing that made him stop doing briefings on the coronavirus."

"But he did say something that for any other president, any previous president, would be the most shocking thing that that president had ever said publicly," he noted.

And O'Donnell then broke down Trump's highly controversial remarks about Ghislaine Maxwell.

Trump has been harshly criticized for his comments after saying, "I just wish her well."

"I just wish her well? "I wish her well?" Consider the profound perversity of that," O'Donnell said. "Think how hard it is to get Donald Trump to say 'I wish her well' -- what do you have to do to get Donald Trump to say that about you?" he wondered.

Watch O'Donnell explain the scandal: