Here's why Trump contradicted his own White House on the Supreme Court rulings
President Donald Trump on Fox News (screengrab)

Following the Supreme Court's pair of 7-2 decisions rejecting President Donald Trump's claim to have absolute immunity from subpoenas, he blasted the ruling on Twitter, claiming he being unfairly targeted and the victim of "prosecutorial misconduct." However, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany released a statement saying that "President Trump is gratified by today’s decision."

According to The Washington Post, this contradiction reflects the fact that the case itself was a compromise outcome — and that while the end result of it likely means the public won't see Trump's financial information before the election, it still carries political risk for him.

"While it appears that Trump will be able to keep his financial records and tax returns out of the public eye between now and the election, the court rejected his lawyers’ claims of 'absolute immunity,' and sent one of the cases back to the lower court for further litigation," reported Toluse Olorunnipa and John Wagner. "The decision will give Democrats, including presumptive presidential nominee, Joe Biden, more ammunition in their attempts to raise ethical questions about a president who has fought relentlessly to keep his financial records out of the public eye, said Russell Riley, a presidential historian at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center."

According to the report, former Vice President Joe Biden "appeared eager Thursday to use the rulings to draw a contrast between his own financial background and Trump’s wealth. After the Supreme Court rulings were released, Biden took to Twitter to retweet a post from last October in which he described himself as 'one of the poorest men in government' during his decades-long Washington career ... The former vice president also gave a speech Thursday in his hometown of Scranton, Pa., that he used to try to further highlight the difference between his working-class roots and the president’s millionaire lifestyle."

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