'Highly intoxicated' white men arrested after harassing Black family with Nazi salutes: police

A group of seven "highly intoxicated" white men were arrested at an Oregon beach over the weekend after they harassed a Black family by yelling racial slurs and making Nazi salutes.

The Oregonian reports that Lincoln City Police officers were called to the beach in front of the Inn at Spanish Head on Saturday night amid reports that a group of men were setting off illegal fireworks.

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers formed a barricade between the men and the Black family they were harassing, allowing the family to safely leave the area.

The presence of the police, however, only seemed to make the men even rowdier.

"Members of the group, who police said were 'highly intoxicated,' then began taunting the officers, challenging them to a fight and setting off illegal aerial fireworks," The Oregonian reports.

The seven men were subsequently charged with riot, interfering with police, disorderly conduct, harassment, possession of illegal fireworks and offensive littering.