Hundreds of former Bush officials launch super PAC to support Biden: report
Joe Biden

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that hundreds of former members of the George W. Bush administration have formed a super PAC to support former Vice President Joe Biden against President Donald Trump.

"The officials, who include Cabinet secretaries and other senior people in the Bush administration, have formed a political action committee - 43 Alumni for Biden - to support the former vice president in his Nov. 3 race, three organizers of the group told Reuters. Bush was the country’s 43rd president," reported Tim Reid. "The Super PAC will launch on Wednesday with a website and Facebook page, they said. It plans to release 'testimonial videos' praising Biden from high-profile Republicans and will hold get-out-the-vote efforts in the most competitive states."

“We know what is normal and what is abnormal, and what we are seeing is highly abnormal," said Jennifer Milliken, a former General Services Administration official and 2004 Bush campaign staffer. "The president is a danger.”

Reports have indicated that Bush himself does not plan to support Trump for re-election.

Trump already faces opposition from groups founded by veteran Republican strategists, the most famous of whom is The Lincoln Project, which has produced a series of viral anti-Trump ads designed to get under the president's skin. Among the founders are former Florida GOP strategist Rick Wilson, and George Conway, a conservative lawyer married to the president's White House counselor.