'I hope you all die': Fresno salon owner hit city official with her car after dispute over COVID-19 rules
Police Tape AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski

According to a report from the Fresno Bee, an unidentified Salon owner in Fresno harangued a city health official in the parking lot outside of her business after she was cited for a second time for ignoring pandemic shutdown notices -- and then hit him with her car.

An internal email from a police officer who responded to the incident described what happened when two health officials appeared at the salon last week and what happened afterward.

According to one official, he had returned to his car when a woman started cursing him in the parking lot

“F--- you. F--- Mayor Brand. F--- Newsom. F--- you all. Find something better to do. I hope you all die. Somebody should put a bullet in your brain,” the woman reportedly shouted to which the city employee replied, "Keep it classy."

After she pulled her car behind his, he then took out his cellphone to take a picture of her license plate only to have her back into him, with the report saying he was not injured.

After police arrived she denied driving her car into the man and reportedly apologized "profusely" with the Bee adding she was not arrested.

It was only after the incident that she was recognized as the cited owner of the business.

According to the report, surveillance video of the incident was not conclusive and the case will be sent to the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office for possible assault charges.