Kayleigh McEnany busted by CNN reporter for 'unbelievable' lies about Trump and the Confederate flag
Kayleigh McEnany (Fox News/screen grab)

CNN reporter Abby Phillip on Tuesday busted White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for blatantly lying about President Donald Trump's defense of the Confederate flag.

During a CNN segment on Trump's attacks on NASCAR for banning drivers from displaying the Confederate flag on their vehicles, Phillip noted how McEnany tried to pretend that the president hadn't actually come out in defense of the flag.

"I mean, he has for many years, since he's been president, defended Confederate symbols going all the way back to the Charlottesville debate.," she said. "So, it's really unbelievable that Kayleigh McEnany would somehow pretend that when the president was weighing in -- she claimed that it was just one word at the bottom of a tweet. Well, it was actually a whole sentence that referred to the Confederate flag."

Phillip also called out McEnany for denying that Trump supporters regularly wave the Confederate flag at his rallies, when a simple search of past video footage shows that's not true.

"Asked about Confederate flags being flown at the president's rallies, she said that, you know, noncampaign merchandise isn't allowed to be flown at his rallies," Phillip said. "So I went back to go see, because I have seen Confederate flags at the president's rallies, and they were actually fairly commonplace back in 2016 and 2015... When I was in Tulsa just a couple of weeks ago, there were Confederate flags all over the place."